Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things I'm Trying to Keep Alive

It's been almost a month since Penny Lane moved in, and many people have been asking me how she's doing. She's doing great! She was rescued from the shelter and is living a secure life of comfort, ease, and attention. The real question how is the cat owner doing? :) I'm fine. Overall she's a good cat-- very affectionate. She follows me from room to room, sits beside me while I wash the dishes or whatever, and is very cuddly. But remember how I said that when I walked into the shelter and she's the one who jumped up and started meowing at me? Well, indeed, be careful what you want, because she is a crier. I've had to train her with the use of a spray bottle to not sit outside my door and cry all night. I think she's a lot healthier now, too. Her coat is shinier and smoother. She's gained some weight. We're doing fine. :) Here are some cute pictures:

This is how Penny spends most of her day.

As gatinhas! Okay, that joke only makes sense in Portuguese. :)

Looking innocent. Don't buy it, folks. :)

A very accurate picture of her coloring.


Speaking of things I'm trying to keep alive, my garden is also okay. More than half of the plants have survived, which I take to be a success considering it is my first attempt at a flower bed.

As you can see, the south side is doing very well--

The north side didn't fare so well, only one coleus and the impatient survived-

But my greatest success is one spirited weed that has thrived in the middle-


JAPierce said...

You are always hilarious! I'm glad the cat is working out for you. No advice from me on the plants though, we can't keep them alive for anything!

marge said...


Pamela said...

Eu gostei da foto das gatinhas :)