Sunday, June 17, 2007

Welcome Heretic Hunters!

Lately one of the most popular search terms to reach my blog has been "Campbellite Heresy." Did you realize that my blog is the second search result on google for that term? :) (In case you're not a hard-core or long-time sojoblog reader, then let me direct you to this post).

What could be the number one hit, you wonder? Pastor O'Neal's Study Helps. In case you don't want to go look at it, let me give you some of the highlights. (Really you should look at Pastor O'Neal's website for some truly... umm... spectacular web design. :) )

Because I know my readership and their constant quest for spiritual and academic nourishment, I want to provide you with the resources of Pastor O'Neal, with titles including (but not limited to!):
  • The Biblical Way to Hate Queers
  • Hatred, the Missing Element of Discipleship
  • Why Christmas is Full of the Devil
  • The Holy Bible Vs. the Campbellite Heretic
  • Bad Music is Killing Our Fundamental Churches
  • The Biblical Use of Sarcasm and Name-Calling
  • Dating is for Dummies; Courtship is for Christians
  • Blunders and Boo-Boos of Baptist Briders
  • The Shocking Truth About Deacons
  • Hair - The Long And Short Of It
  • Tips For Training Tots And Toddlers
  • Why Your Wife and Daughter Should Not Wear Pants
  • Why I Am Not a Southern Baptist
  • and last but not least--
  • Why I Love the Local Church
Pastor O'Neal even gives descriptions of each book (available for only $2 with a minimum order of $10), so I suggest you go and get yourself some religion.

And in case you're wonder who might authorize Pastor O'Neal to preach as boldly as he does, well, he proudly displays his badge of being in the "Fundamental Top 500."

I'm so glad to know high quality of company I keep among Campbellite Heretic blogs. I wonder what new hits I'll get from this post... :)

But really, if you did end up here honestly seeking evidence to fight heretics, let me point you to some helpful reading material.

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Misty said...

Many of these "books" made me more sad than angry. I take issue with many of his points, and I could go into detail about WHY exactly I take issue, but quite frankly that would be a lot of energy wasted. My prayer is for the believers who encounter this charlatan's website, and my sincerest hope is that they will be able to discern the tacit isms that inform this man's worldview.