Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, it wasn't enough for The Onion to make fun of my boy, Grant. Now the Daily Show has taken aim at a legend among Oklahoma meteorologists, Gary England. You can read his Wiki bio there, but long story short he's a very impressive figure in meteorology, and he still forecasts on one of the local stations. For the record, he's the one I watched a few months ago when I spent the evening in my bathtub. :) Anyway, I saw the clip of Jon Stewart making fun of this commercial and started laughing so hard I choked.

I hadn't seen that commercial yet, and at first couldn't believe it was real. But oh, it is. I know weather isn't something to joke about in Oklahoma, but come on. :)

Then when I wikipedia-ed Gary England, I saw this Gary England drinking game and again laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. Maybe you have to have lived in tornado alley to appreciate it, and maybe even in Oklahoma, but it'd a good way to pass the storm. :) Considering the weather we've had here lately, I think I'm going to go dust off my storm season shot glasses... err, I mean "weather preparedness kit" and get ready for the next party... err, I mean storm. :)


Karen said...

That was absolutely great hilarity! Thanks for sharing, Ann. I can't believe News9 actually made that commercial. I have always thought the competition between news stations is rediculous, but this takes the cake!

I must say I miss the Oklahoma storms.

Auvrey said...

I am very happy and amazed to report that the Wikipedia link to the Gary England Drinking Game was put on Wikipedia by none other than myself.
I looked up his page a few months back and, having found the drinking game online a year ago, decided that it was a very appropriate link to share with the wiki community. And you found it! And commented on it! HAHAHA
I love when the world comes together in moments of perfect harmony like this one.

Pamela said...

ok, so I may never have lived in tornado alley but I was still able to appreciate that video. Highly ammusing!