Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little things

Sometimes it's the little things that can turn around a craptastic week.

Like my boss bringing a chair masseuse into the office as a Christmas surprise.

Or finding a fantastically 80s-rific picture of me and my cousin.

Or eating a Christmas Cadbury creme egg.

Yep, sometimes it's the little things.


OK Chick said...

WOW your boss rocks. Can I come work with yo?. My department is being a bunch of no fun Christmas people. :(

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are catching on old friend and self-proclaimed nemesis. The new bishop of Catholic diocese of Winona is in Austin, today. His name is John Quinn. He is being trained in by the old bishop as as the successor. Next Sunday I go through my write (intentional misspell) of welcome. It is the last Sunday of Advent according the calender. I get to make a public proclamation at St. Augustine's about why I want to join the Catholic Church. I've considered coming back to OC to do M.Div-ness but I am not sure I could 'hack' it there. Some of you low-class Stoned-Camp-bells with economic-political agendas and your spying wireless internet tend to irritate me a little. One of the RCIA class members (named Jim) encourage me to think about taking a confirmation name. His confirmation was Jerome (tell Chip -- he'll get Vulgatity-ness and the vulgarity of it). It got me thinking...Cyril sounded good - like a snake and like Cyril of Jerusalem, then Augustine of Paul or Augustine of Luther (not Augustine of Hippo or Augustine of Canterbury) sounded good, then Old Testament prophetic type Jeremiah sounded really good, or Mark of Africa. Something to think about any-way. Or Beauregard (Tell Chip that one too -- he'll get it) Oh, and the Spanish speaking cooks at AppleBee's have started calling me David. They welcome me with "K-Pasa David" when I start my shift. Get it?

Oh, my secret is sort of out up here since about first snow-fall (more light to take in and more 'manna' from heaven to see -- maybe I should take the name Patrick Moses or Moses Patrick). So I am hoping I can keep getting gainful employment at AppleBee's. Anyway, take care of your-self Ms. White.

Greet the 'folks' at Quail Springs with my love...I always liked you all even if some dub your group the 'last-chance' Church of Christ. Big fan of Mark Henderson too (see the above Mark self-reference).

Gabriel Gary Peterson-Biebl, son of Gary Ernest Peterson and Barbara Diane Biebl. Grandson of Catholic-Luthern northern farmers akin to Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House the Praire. ;) Oh, and I am in league with Joe Biden too. Big fan of the VP and his choice of dog to bring to White House. :) Then we can talk about G20...