Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Off the wagon

If there is one thing I hate most, it is being wrong. No, really. I hate being wrong. Perhaps the only thing I hate more than being wrong is someone pointing out when I'm wrong. It's a terrible personality flaw caused by a deeply rooted sin problem, and something I have always struggled with- chronic performance syndrome. Always trying to be perfect so you'll like me. :)

That said, a recent realization drives me nuts. I fell off the dang bandwagon. Last July I posted about my weight loss last year, and kept on losing for several months after that. Until I went to Paris, I guess, all was great. But then it was too cold to run outside, and I got lazy and fell into that easy trap of thinking that weight loss/exercise was a means to an end rather than a change of lifestyle and mindset. It's easy to enjoy the fruits of all your labor and forget that you still have to labor to keep those fruits!

So I've screwed up. And gained weight. Not a horrifying amount, but enough to piss me off. No running for a month, and then instead filling said month with Christmas treats is brutal! And stupid! I hate being stupid.

But like I said a few posts ago, it's a new day! And I've been detoxing for the past week or so. Next week the gym opens and I'll be a rat once more. So there you go, my little confessional. Not only that I fell off the wagon, but that it makes me mad to a disturbing degree. Don't expect me to admit I screwed up again for a while. ;)


Kim W. said...

Don't be so hard on yourself!! You took a much needed break. I did the same thing over Christmas. Everybody deserves a break once in a while to enjoy life, sweets, chocolate and fun. It's okay. I know you'll be able to catch up in no time. I'm proud of what you've accomplished so far! Go Ann!

OK Chick said...

Today is a new day. You can have a few bad days. The important thing to remember is that it's never too late to back on the right track.

I agree with Kim, sometimes your body needs a break. Next week I'm going to start going to the gym (where we went to college) in the AM. Also, I'm going to continue aerobics in the evening. If you'd like to join me, we could be work out partners together!

amy nickerson said...

I think everyone goes through phases where they're more motivated than at other times to be healthy/exercise/etc. The important thing is that you've come to the realization again that you need to change and you're doing something about it. You're far more ahead of the game than you give yourself credit for. So, cheer up! You're on the right track and I know you can do it!!!

ann said...

Thanks guys. You are all really so encouraging! I'm feeling ok, because so far this week I've already lost 2 lbs. I think it's the "Biggest Loser" effect where your body rapidly detoxes when you make a big shift from unhealthy to healthy. You are all the best and are three of my biggest inspirations!

Anonymous said...

it is 95 - 98% what you eat and 2 - 5% exercise. I have found that when I exercise that I am more motivated to eat appropiately.

el papa