Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why The Bachelor makes me thankful

Times are tough in TV land, and tonight I settled on The Bachelor from sheer lack of other choices.

Surprisingly, this experience made me more thankful than anything.

Things I am thankful for after watching The Bachelor
  1. I don't see a direct correlation between the amount of cleavage I show and my ability to engage a man's attention.
  2. I am recognizable once I take off my make-up.
  3. I know how to use the word "literally" correctly.
  4. The majority of my income does not go towards my wardrobe.
  5. I don't consider other women in my life competition.
  6. My love and heartbreak aren't being broadcast on network television.

This is probably the last episode I'll watch. One dose of thankfulness is enough.


mvs said...

Yes, but if you look beyond those things the show is a remarkably insightful look at relationships - why they work or don't. Last season was especially good. I recommend all my single friends watch it so I don't have to explain why their last relationship didn't pan out.

Alyson said...

Amen, sister. Reality tv makes me extremely grateful for my good old mundane drama-free life.

Zoomi said...

I watched it too! Most of those women are scary... they only think about themselves. I would still continue to watch though because I like Jason. I kinda think this is the wrong place to look for his love but I want him and his son to be happy in the end of this season.

Emily Stringer said...


OK Chick said...

I watched the show last night. Not by my choice. Sister #1's friend wanted to watch the show. This year's girls seem mean.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that these 'reality' shows use somewhat artificial or extravagant date situations for the Bachelor to get to know the ladies. why don't they try to share hobbies with him, or do some sort of community service together?? i think most of finding someone to 'do life with' is not about waking on the beach or making out in the hot tub -- the true man of dreams is one that will help you wash your car, or that you can paint a room or clean out the garage with or who can help the kids with their homework...