Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My little rascals

Today when I walked into school there was a letter sitting on my desk, pictured below:

I read it and couldn't understand it, thanks to some tricky preposition usage. But of course, it was undeniably a love letter-- my first Japanese love letter, in fact. A rough translation of the Japanese (as provided by my neighbor Alina) is, "This was written in computer class. This is a love letter. Please keep it. From Numano." Now you might be wondering who this Numano character is. Well let me tell you-- he's one of my fellow teachers. He is the one with whom I co-teach my beloved 3-8 class. Before you start thinking misled thoughts about Mr. Numano, let me also mention that *he did not write this.* Some students did (who, I don't know). The students pick on Mr. Numano and me all the time saying that we should get married or be in love or something, simply because we're around the same age and both single. Don't get me wrong, I like Mr. Numano a lot, but there are many and varied issues that I fear would keep us from pursuing a relationship.
I don't mind the teasing so much... I think it's kind of cute and it keeps me laughing. What I am embarrassed about is that this letter had possibly been sitting on my desk for several days for everyone in the school to see. And those red correction marks? I didn't make those! One of my English teachers read and corrected it! Eeep! How embarrassing! And I just had another idea... what if those kids sent Mr. Numano a love letter "from me"? Oh dear. Kids these days. :)

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