Monday, February 28, 2005

Happy 6 Month Anniversary to Me

6 months. That's half a year. A quarter of my 2 year contract. Wow. In some ways it's flown by, in others it crawled. I've learned so much-- language, culture, new people, about teaching and the work world-- and I've also realized that I still have so much yet to learn. That's the hard thing about growing. The more you grow the more you realize you have so much yet to grow.

On that note, today has been perhaps my worst day in Japan. This morning I was officially informed that I would be moved out of Namekawa chu gakko to another school. Perhaps I will blog more about this later, but right now I'm just too upset about it. So I would appreciate your prayers for peace and strength on this issue, because I'm taking it very hard.


jettybetty said...

Ann, I am praying--for your peace and some understanding in the unwanted move! Time does fly--I can't believe a fourth of your time is up. Blessings! JB

Dan Lovejoy said...

I'm so sorry about this disappointing news. Sometimes it seems that the whole purpose of Japanese school systems is to keep the teachers off-balance.

We'll be praying. The Lord will sustain you in this move and will use you to further His work. I know you are open to His leading.