Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day-- Japanese style

First of all,
~Happy Valentine's Day ~

to my beloved and loyal blog readers!

Since this blog strives at times to be an educational resource for those of you who wonder what life must be like in Japan-land, I am here to tell you. Valentine's day is celebrated, but it is a day just for the guys! That's right ladies, time to bust out the chocolates. Women give the men in their lives chocolates for Valentine's day, ranging from simple little bags of chocolates for friends and children to very nice, expensive chocolates for those with a loooooove connection. Valentine's day is also a good opportunity to burst forth with your true feelings for your unrequited love, by surprising them with a nice box of chocolates rather than a tootsie roll (although I do think I'd rather have the tootsie roll).
At this point some of you ladies might be wondering, "But hey! Isn't that totally unfair?" Why yes, it would be, were there not White day on March 14th. That is the days that men must (in theory) reciprocate the gifts that the women gave them on Valentine's day. My friend Jun claims that men must actually give back twice as much. Similarly, it is also a day for a man to profess true love to his lady of choice. It can also be a harsh day, because if a women gave a man nice chocolates for Valentine's day and the man doesn't return the feelings, he can reciprocate with the simpler, platonic chocolates.
So there you have it, Valentine's Day-- Japanified. I kind of like it better, especially since if you give out Valentines there's a really good shot you'll get something back on White day. Good cookie!

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