Friday, February 18, 2005

Singapore in the Spring

By the way, I don't believe I have mentioned on the blog that one month from today I will be leaving for the exotic, faraway land of Singapore! That's right folks, over my spring vacation I am going to go visit some good friends who work as missionaries in Singapore- Dave, Deb, and Breda Hogan. The Hogans were the visiting missionaries at OC my junior year, and Dave taught my Asian Civilization class. That was definitely one for the books. :) I still laugh out loud when I think of the day that he flaming piles of cow manure in the classroom. :) Hahahahaha.... I am sure that several of the Bible profs were about to have a heart attack when they saw and smelled the smoke filling the hallowed halls of the BSC. They have more cool stories to tell than you can believe, and to know them is to be blessed by them. I can't wait to hang out with them again; they are amazing people.

So... yep... a month til Singapore! Just thought I'd let y'all in the loop. :)

*Note: The Hogans wrote me and informed me that it is somewhat incorrect to say "Singapore in the Spring," because Singapore has "a perpetual equitorial summer." If you knew how cold it was here today, you could imagine how big my smile was at that.


Peter Rice said...

Ann, you are the most amazingly diligent blogger I know. Cudos! Enjoy Singapore!

friend said...

Hey, I was in Singapore and our guide jokingly said, "Singapore is a fine city... no matter what you do you get fined." The public toilets have signs on them that say you will get fined $500 if you do not flush 0 at least the ones we saw. Rock on girl...have fun.

Dan Lovejoy said...

Dave's father Gordon was my missions teacher when he was visiting missionary at OC. That was a GREAT class, notwithstanding the lack of manure fires.

The hallowed halls of BSC are now the halllowed halls of WBC, and are looking much more hallowed indeed - wainscotting halfway up every wall, with new carpet, ceiling tiles, and general spiffiness. It looks wonderful.