Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rotary-- Worldwide!

My dad will like this story. There's a good chance no one else will, but this is a good example of interesting things that happen in Japan.

So tonight as I was riding the train back from Mito, we stopped at the first stop, Katsuta, and suddenly the conductor came through and was shoo-ing everyone off of the train. Needless to say I was confused, so I gave him the "sideways-head-tilt and furrowed brow" look of confusion but silently got off the train (after he told me to twice).
There was only one other person on my car, who turned to me as we disembarked and said, "Did you understand that?" I hung my head and admitted no, and he explained to me that they were removing the front several cars from the train at this stop, so we had to go to another car. I thanked him for helping me and we proceeding to sit next to each other in the next car. He asked what I was doing in Japan (using very good English) and I told him I worked at a junior high in Hitachi, and he told me he was familiar with the ALT program. I asked him how he learned English and he said a long time ago he lived in San Francisco for 8 months, and how he maintains it through work with the Rotary Club. "The Rotary Club!" I exclaimed, "why, my father is a member of the Rotary Club!" This delighted the nice man (Yoshi is his name) and he asked if I was involved in the Rotary Club in Hitachi. I said no, that I didn't know anything about Rotary in Hitachi. Yoshi replied that there is some kind of new family ties membership thing, and that since my father is a member I should also be invited to events. Plus, he added, he was sure they would love to have me give a speech sometime. :)

So now I have a connection to the Ibaraki area Rotary Clubs. This could prove interesting, if anything actually pans out. Can't you see me preaching to a bunch of Japanese businessmen? :) Heehee....

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Anonymous said...

From your dad, Our Texarkana Club has several Japanese coming in March and staying 2 weeks and members are keeping them in their homes. To my daughter's loyal readers: Rotary offers many scholorships and trips here and abroad. I have told Ann that if she ever needed help in Brazil or Japan and couldn't reach her home Church to find the local Rotary Club or member and they would help her. I encourage joining a local community service club and becoming active. I was an 'Optimist' for years and now Rotary. Lions, Kawanis, Jr. Leage ect. all have a service theme. Every city's service clubs will be a little different and some stronger than others. Most Clubs are seeking new members. Sounds somewhat like church. All clubs expect you to pay up, Rotary expects you to show up too ;-)
Enought Commerical!