Thursday, April 07, 2005

How it went

Well I figure I should update those of you who keep up with the drama that been going on in my work-life. Yesterday was my first day at Hidaka (or Hitaka-- I'm not sure!) Junior High. It wasn't terrible, but I wasn't overflowing with joy. I can be honest and admit to you that the reason it wasn't "great" is because of my own attitude. I tried my best, but I was nervous and sad and all around unexcited. Everyone I met at Hidaka (as I will call it) seems great. One of my fellow teachers from Namekawa, a big (I mean big!) PE teacher named Mr. Yamazaki, also moved to Hidaka, so he was super-nice to me and looked out for me. He yelled my name and waved at me from across the school yard when he saw me walking up to school. My head English teacher told me that he told her he was worried about me-- how cute. :)
I went through the opening and entrance ceremonies just fine, and was introduced to the students and did my bowing. I'm a little disappointed because the students seem really timid around me. Maybe it's my skewed perspective, but the students at Namekawa seemed more eager to talk to me when I first arrived. Although I will grant that the Hidaka kids are coming off some bad ALT experiences. So please pray the kids will open up to me more and make me feel welcome. And also that my attitude about the whole situation will improve. Right now it's quite rotten.
One great thing of the past two days is that I've gotten to go home early! Yesterday was perfectly beautiful-- the first real day of spring. The kind of day I have been literally dreaming of since about last October. Aah. Which was great, because yesterday I had a "series of unfortunate events" trying to get home from school. Since I left early, I wasn't sure of the bus schedule. So I walked to the bus stop and realized I had just missed a bus, and the next one was in half an hour. So I decided to just walk to the nearest train station (about a 10 minute walk) to catch a train home. As I came within view of the station, I saw a bus waiting, so I thought "oh, I'll just take that bus home." But it drove off just as I walked up. So I high tailed it up the 3 flights of stairs to the station and just missed the train to Hitachi. So I had the opportunity to sit outside for about 45 minutes and soak up the sun and warmth waiting for the train. Ultimately I made it home about an hour and a half after I started out from the school (and realize that it is only a 15 minute bus ride away). :) Had it been raining, I would not have been good humored. But since it was beautiful, I counted it a blessing.
And guess what! Today I saw the first sakura (cherry blossoms)!!!!! Spring is springing!!!!!!!

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