Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sakura Matsuri

Photo blog time! I'll keep the word count low today. Just wanted to post some pictures from the Hitachi Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom festival). It was my first festival in Japan and I had a blast. I took tons of pictures. Here is a link to the full photo album: Sakura Matsuri. Enjoy!

View of Heiwa Street (keep in mind that the cherry trees are just starting to bloom)

Children's dance troop carrying a shrine

Yakisoba stall

Dance competition crowd

The huge puppet stage and team who man it. Please take note of the man on the right taking a picture of me taking a picture. There were tons of photographers out today, and many of them love to get shots of foreigners at the festivals.

Mother and daughter dancers (too cute!)

Lit up cherry tree (Remember-- these are just starting to bloom! I'll have many more pictures once they're filled out!)

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friend said...

Father God let the kids open up and let great relationships blossom like the cherry trees.