Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stability vs. Spark

I know I'm jumping on this bandwagon a little late, but cut me some slack, I just got the videos a week or two ago. :) I had forgotten that when I was home for Christmas I asked my mom to tape "The Bachelorette" (the reality show) for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find the videos in my last care package! Alina and I have been watching the series in installments for the past week. We ended it last night, and although I will not spoil what happened for anyone even more behind than me, I will say it was utterly disappointing.

However this post is not all about what happened on this season's Bachelorette, but instead a somewhat philosophical (is love really philosophical?) question raised by the final two contenders. One was a guy who was the embodiment of stability and commitment. However there seemed to be that certain spark lacking between them. The other finalist and the bachelorette oozed chemistry. They had a connection from the moment they laid eyes on each other. However he lacked the stability and security that guy #1 offered.

So what do you go with? Is love about the stability or the spark? I thought I knew, but I'm starting to wonder. Everytime I lean towards one, the other looms over me. Obviously I'm not an expert in such arenas, so I should just keep my thoughts to myself. I think my true hope is just that there's a person who instills both of those in me. Someday. :)

Anyone have any thoughts?

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