Sunday, April 17, 2005

My LKT Group

These are three ladies I love very much. Mizumi and Sooin, the two on the left, are the two women I study the Bible with in English on Sunday nights. Mizumi has been studying with LST (Let's Start Talking)/LKT (Let's Keep Talking) for the past five years. She knows an amazing amount of Bible, but there is something holding her back from accepting it for her life. Please pray that the seeds of God's desire for her love and commitment will bloom in her heart after all these years.
Sooin I just met about a month or so ago. She is a Korean-born, high school student who just recently returned from studying in Australia for a year. She found out about us and has been coming to keep up her English. She is a Christian; her parents help start a Korean church in Hitachi when they first moved here almost 15 years ago. She is incredibly wise for her age (or any age) and encourages me each time I talk to her.
Tomoko McClain is on the right. She and her husband Mike went to OC and now own an English school in Taga. They are an incredible family that inspires me with their love and ability to have fun together. Tomoko especially strikes me by the grace with which she handles so many stressful situations that come with raising a family and owning a business and by her faith that guides her life.
Just wanted to share a bit of these wonderful women with you!
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