Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh babe, I hate to go...

Well, in about 3 hours I`ll be leaving Itu, and this time tomorrow I´ll be in Texas. It´s so strange how you can get on an airplane and in a few hours be completely around the world. Freaky.

Goodbyes are heartwrenching, but I have been praying for the past week that God would give me peace and good opportunities to say bye, and appropriate emotions (not too hysterically devistated, but not cold as ice). And God has graciously answered all those prayers in force.

I don´t know how I`ll be about blogging in the upcoming week or so. I might put some pictures up, might have a reflective post, might not.

It´s hard to say goodbye (or tchau for now), but I really can´t complain. I have been given amazing opportunities and experiences, and with the incredible joys I must also accept the difficulties. It´s also like that with the most worthwhile experiences, right?

Love you all. Please pray-- with thanksgiving for the amazing expriences I´ve had here, for your brothers and sisters in Christ working in Brazil, and for my travel and readjustment to the US.

Blog you from the flip side. ;)


Peter Rice said...

Glad to have you back, Ann, but I'm sorry it means leaving your beloved Brasilia. So what's in your near future?

friend said...

I was thinking about you today at work - and praying that your health is well, your heart glad and the following things:

1. You have hope for what's next
2. You will have a bit of resting time, not sure why
3. That innocence and idealism will always be yours.

Sorry if it is silly.


Praying Pastore

Pamela said...

WE prayed for you in my small group yesterday morning right around the time you would have been arriving back in the US. I love you girl!!!!