Monday, January 15, 2007

Hard decision

This is a letter I sent today to my closest friends in Brazil. It is the hardest thing I've ever written (and I don't mean the Portuguese, although I think it's the first time I've posted in Portugese on the blog).

Ola, meus amados amigos,

Eu espero que esse ano novo seja bom pra vocês, e vai continuar a ser otimo.

Eu falei com vocês sobre a possibilidade de eu poder morar no Brasil. Eu tenho orado muito e tenho pedido conselhos dos meus amigos aqui que me conheçam há muito tempo, e eu acho que é melhor pra mim ficar nos EEUU agora. Com certeza eu vou voltar a visitar o Brasil.

Meu carinho e meu amor para meus amigos e a igreja, e a cultura brasileira não mudavam nem um pouquinho. Isso é a decisão mais difícil que já tomei na minha vida, e foi tomado com muitas lágrimas. E quem sabe a futura. Eu tenho muito tempo ainda pra morar no Brasil. Brasil está no meu sangue agora. :)

Eu acredito que isso é a vontade de Deus pra mim agora. Eu amo vocês com todo meu coração. Eu espero que vocês orem pra mim e me apoiem nesta decisão, e estou orando que todos vcs podem achar a vontade de Deus pra suas vidas, também.

Com todo amor do meu coração,


Basically it says that I've decided that I'm not moving back to Brazil. When I left I believed that's what would happen, but after a lot of praying and seeking advice I've decided it's not what would be best right now. It is without a doubt the hardest decision I've made, and my heart has completely broken since deciding and now having to tell my dear friends there. I'm dreading the next few days as I receive their responses (or lack thereof). Please pray that they know my heart and my love for them and that they can support me in this. I know they will, but I still feel awful.

I'm living in OKC and looking for a job (waiting to hear on one that I really really want). I'm staying with some wonderful friends and am blessed to be with friends who love and support me. Just wanted to let blog-land know what's going on.


Dan said...

That was a very sweet letter, Ann. My heart's breaking for your broken heart.

What kind of job are you looking for? Write me. I might have a confidential hint for you. Then again, you probably already know about it.

Izumi said...

I pray that God is happy for your decision and bless in many ways. I'm sure it is hard for you to tell your precious friends about not coming back to Brazil but they will understand.

Well, I'm happy that you are in OKC because I get to see you more often once I move back.

I pray that you get the job that you are aplying now.

Lots of love,


Misty said...

Hang in there, Ann. The most important thing in the job hunt is to be content, but not complacent. (Wow, just had a flashback to happiness v. contentment...remember that class?)

You are beautiful and brilliant and have touched the lives of so many people in your travels and through the candid posts on your blog. We were cheering for your recovery a year ago, and we're cheering for you now as you blaze a trail into the corporate unknown. You have so much going for you, namely, grace under pressure.

May the Chronicles of Born to Fly go on, wherever you're next to land!

May we drink much cofee together when the roads get less icy, more slushy!


Pamela said...

Hey Girl!

I know I've told you before but just a reminder, I'm praying for you! Love you!ty