Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zeros and Ones

The crazy song from Derek Webb's amazing "Mockingbird" CD, Zeros and Ones, comes back to haunt me today as it is more or less the title of his new album. It's not really a new album, it's a re-release of some of his greatest songs in acoustic versions and an itunes album of remixes of the same songs. I love Derek Webb, I love these songs, and I love acoustic music, so I'm a pretty happy chick today. Rock yourself down to your local retailer who is cool enough to sell Derek Webb and pick up your own copy. Or go to itunes and support the Mac-man. ;) I especially love the version of "Better Than Wine" and "Lover." Well, it's all great.

In other happy news, the interview today went really really well I think. They said they'd call me "in a day or two" to let me know if I made it to the second round of interviews. Keep praying! I really think this'd be a great opportunity!

PS-- If anyone out there DOES understand Zeros and Ones, please share with me. I get it, binary numbers, but what does it mean???

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