Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sharing Joy

It seems like lately I've been focusing on sad things, but today, thanks to blogdom, I was able to share in the joy of several of my friends. So I'm going to pass it along in case you need a little pick me up, too. :)

First is an update on Baby Ben, who was featured in a full spread, 17 picture layout on his daddy's blog. The pictures were beautiful, and when I got to this one, with his eyes open, it literally took my breath away. This little baby is proving to a miracle more each day. Praise God for his immeasurable grace!

Then to continue in the baby theme, I saw today that my sweet little baby friend (who I still haven't gotten to meet outside the womb), Sophie, is starting to walk! Isn't she a beautiful girl??? Congratulations Sophie and Mama Rox!

A blog that made me jealous e ficar com forte saudades, but also gave me a huge grin and a lot of laughs, my friend Pamela the Canadian posted about her recent month long visit from one of our dear friends from Itu. I love this picture of the little Brasilcicle.

And look at this happy reunion. How can you not be happy looking at those faces???

That one definitely puts some pangs in my heart, but also reminds me of the great bonds of friendship that can easily stretch continents. :)

Hope something on here made you happy, too!


Pamela said...

Oh Brazilcicle!!!! I am glad that I have discovered the world of blogging. It has been very therapeutic for me during this time of re-adjustment. And it's a great way to keep updated on people's lives. I'm glad we have this outlet to share with each other. I wish I had discovered it sooner, like before I ever moved to Brazil! I don't think there's a better way to keep people up to date.

Judith said...

Thanks for sharing your joy!
Mr. Saito was asking me about you the other day. He wanted to make sure that you had fully recovered. Thought you'd like to know.