Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Purge

I've been doing some purging of my life and my stuff, and this has led me to the great clean-out of crap from my school days. I've probably thrown away/recycled a good 50 pounds of papers from high school and college.

I threw away everything that I hadn't thought of since I graduated, which was about 95% of the stuff I had. I kept all my major papers, and everything to do with a few classes and/or projects. I put blood, sweat, and tears into two major projects at OC, one for a linguistics class and one for my senior capstone in the Lang/Lit department. The prior was on words people use to describe ethnicity and the latter was translating the book of Ruth then doing a big paper on the portrayal of Naomi in modern Christianity. I still can't hear the word "Ruth" without getting a little queasy. :) Just kidding.... sort of. ;)

Apparently I tried to write some bad poetry in college, most of which I don't remember at all (probably because I suck as a poet). I believe it was my senior year some was published in our college literary journal, and I was even accepted to read two poems at the national English honors society (Sigma Tau Delta-- STD, heehee) convention (but I declined). Maybe one day I'll post one. The one I still smile about is called "The Curse of Eve". I think I was feeling some bitterness towards men when I wrote that one. :) Hahaha... oh the memories.

I cheerfully threw away a lot of notes I took, but some classes had great notes, and I'd like to give them props now-- Oklahoma History with Prof. Thompson, American History since 1887 with Prof. McCook, Christian Evidences with Prof. Baird, and Women in Missions with Prof. Hartman. There are others I kept, but those especially were thorough and good. So if you need to know anything on any of those subjects, I'm your girl.

It's good to go back and remember that stuff, but it's also good to clean out your life. Starting with your closets. :)


A shout out to Meredith for featuring me in her last two posts. :) Thanks, Mer!


Mark and Kelly said...

I've always had a hard time getting rid of old papers and projects too (this has been and will always be a big source of conflict between Mark and me)! In fact, if you take a peek under my bed when you stay with my parents, you might find an interesting stack of reading material! I know you've always wanted to read a 7th grader's take on Great Expectations:) If you find it, just don't throw it out, ne?

Denver said...

Cleaning out the old closet is one thing I'm actually looking forward to when I get back to America. I think I'm finally to the point where I can throw all of my old birthday and Christmas cards away. I always kept them because it seemed wrong junking them when someone paid $2.99 for one.