Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost Famous!

Today will be a hodge podge of sorts.

First of all, today was exciting because I made my radio broadcasting debut! On my way home from work I always listen to KISS fm, and today the deejays were asking where the best place to people watch is. And no one had said airports yet! So I called in, fully expecting it to be busy, but I got through! I made it on air. Sadly, they didn't offer me any full time position as a result of my brilliant performance. :) I didn't even get to hear myself, because they make you turn your radio down. So that was fun!

Also, today was an interesting news day. One of CNN's top stories throughout the morning was "Queen's Gynecologist Dead at 82". Hmm. Wow, top news, huh?

If you need a good belly laugh today, this gave me one. It's definitely worth the time to watch. :) Thanks to Summer for sending it to me!

Here's the link if you can't see the video in the box: http://www.ifilm.com/video/2816549


Pamela said...

I don't see a video...just a big black void. I was looking forward to the belly laugh. :( It was good talking to you tonight! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! bjos

Karen said...

That was great! I love old people with a sense of humor.

crittermer said...

Airports have to be one of the best places to people watch! Good thing you contributed that brilliant answer!

Taylor W said...

I'm sure your radio debut was phenomenal, but I doubt it was quite to the standard set by Gladys. That woman's a hoot. Thanks for posting!