Monday, May 14, 2007

Rowdy, my dog-nephew

This weekend was crazy (in a wonderful way). I'm not even sure where to begin to describe everything, so I'm going to start from the end.

I went to T-town for about 24 hours to see my wonderful mommy for Mother's Day. I also got to meet my new dog-nephew, Rowdy. Rowdy is a little puppy dachshund. I think he's 8 weeks old now. My family has never owned a dog, so this is quite a new and fascinating thing for me. Now I'm going to just show a bunch of cute pictures. I love my dog-nephew. :)


Poor boy wears a bow. My sister claims it's a "bow tie". :)

My sister and mom

Awwwwh, too cute! For the record, I definitely don't approve of kissing dogs on the lips. He surprised me! We were trying to pose for a picture!


Anonymous said...

what a cutie!


Karen said...

Our puppy always insists on lip kisses. They still surprise me, but I'm not as grossed out anymore. Glad you had a good weekend.

Cris said...

thank you for the disclaimer about the kissing. i was about to label you as one of "those people" and file you away into that category. i should have known better... :)