Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prettier than Dirt

I have officially begun my attempts at gardening! It's a meager beginning, but in case I turn out to be the kiss of death for flowers I didn't want to massacre too many. I chose some nice impaciens and coleus. And I got really dirty planting them, so I feel very close to nature. :) I'll keep you updated on their survival!


izumi said...

That's great!
Aaron and I bought some vegitable seeds and planted them in his garden. It is fun to see them grow~!
I would like to do flower gardening once we build our house but i don't like bugs! But it will be cool if I could do it with my kids someday.
I am sure you can do good job taking care of those beautiful flowers.

friend said...

Those are so beautiful I am happy for you that you are nice.