Friday, February 01, 2008

100 Things Revisited- Part 2

26. I've been blogging for over three and a half years. Specifically, since April 6, 2004.

27. On average, my blog gets about 50 unique visitors a day.

28. The most popular day of the week for my blog, statistically speaking, is Tuesday. By a noticable margin. Why is that?

29. I first got into writing when my sophomore, pre-AP English teacher, Mrs. Roeming, told me I was a good writer. Encouragement is powerful, people.

30. I have a few books floating around in my head to write. All about spirituality. All non-fiction.

31. One of my goals for the year is to submit a piece of writing to be published. I think I know what it is and where I will send it, but I have no idea if they'd choose it. If they do, I'll tell you.

32. I graduated from OC magna cum laude. I was stinking .01 away from summa cum laude. I am taking a class right now to raise my GPA so that at least in my mind, I'll have highest honors.

33. I put off taking a math class in college, so it came down to the wire with me taking college algebra from Tulsa Community College online. I think I made a B. That and stupid economics screwed up my GPA.

34. I hate making left hand turns. I will drive five minutes out of my way to avoid it.

35. I had a wreck on ice my freshman year of college that totalled my truck. I hate hate hate driving in bad weather to this day.

36. The first time I ever drove a car, I hit my dad's truck with my mom's suburban. Smooth.

37. I still get nervous when I park!

38. I love going to Walgreens. I can walk around that store for hours.

39. I hate grocery shopping and the subsequent putting away of groceries.

40. Sometimes I go to the chapel at the hospital when I want to be alone and pray.

41. The in the past couple of years I have become much more monastic and contemplative.

42. I don't mind silence, even when I'm with friends. This drives many of my friends crazy, because I think it's cool to just sit in silence with somene you love.

43. Cream is my favorite winter clothing color.

44. Pale yellow is my favorite spring clothing color.

45. If someone compliments me on what I wear, its rotation will increase dramatically. :)

46. When I listen to music, especially praise music, it's easy for me to get so into it that I really can't multi-task.

47. If I get really down or depressed, I can sit and just stare and the wall for hours in silence.

48. When I cry, my eyes turn really bright blue.

49. I add cinnamon to pretty much everything I bake.

50. I make a really mean banana bread, even though I'm allergic to bananas.


Neener said...

Mrs. Roeming! I really loved having her as a teacher. I think Stephenville HS had the best English teachers 'round those parts. If I wasn't involved in design or computers, I might've gotten a degree in English.

You're allergic to bananas too? I can't eat too much of it because then I a super annoying tickle in my throat. But man, I love me some banana bread.

Anonymous said...

Yet you became a good driver because: you do not take unnecessary chances...