Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweet temptation

Any group of people has a certain set of dynamics and personality. Our singles group at church is no different. One of the "tensions" we have is that there are certain people who like to eat very healthily, some to an extreme, and there are others who don't like to be reminded that they aren't eating very healthily. :)

This afternoon we helped with the senior ministry's luncheon, which was catered by a culinary angel. Seriously, some of the best food I've eaten in a long time. This included an absolutely luscious chocolate cake. I'm not generally a chocolate cake fan, but this cake was seriously perfect. And she made three of them. Oh, sweet temptation. Watching her pour the chocolate sauce on the top was one of the most seductive things I've ever seen.

So fast forward the time for us to clean up. Several of us found ourselves just kind of loitering around the remaining cake... and it just so happened to be those of us who try and abide by healthy eating. The next thing you know... well, just take a look:

Untitled from Ann W on Vimeo.
Sometimes you've just gotta realize life's too short to not eat chocolate cake. :)


amy nickerson said...

OH my word. I still am thinking about that cake! Seriously, that was like the most amazing thing ever!

Jan said...

I can only guess that Jennifer must have made that cake. She's my culinary angel.

ann said...

Yes! It was Jennifer! :)

Holly said...

I love chocolate cake! I say, yes, yes, eat it! Always! I can never abide by healthy eating habits when there is chocolate cake around.