Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Today is an audience participation day.

If, through the generosity of others, the Lord had entrusted you with $12,000 through which to bless and further the Kingdom, how would you use it?


Anonymous said...

Who gave you $12K?

My struggle would first be with putting it in one place versus putting it in several places. I would highly consider helping some young, confused college students who need help going on campaigns or other mission-type trips. I was blessed to have those experiences myself.

Also, I would consider finding a small upcoming ministry in a church or in a foreign country and helping them get started.

As I am with all money, I like to invest in a lot of little things, and I think that is what I would do with the 12K--help out a little in a lot of different ways.

Holly said...

Hmm...this doesn't sound hypothetical.

I would help Amber start a really good Christian school in Honduras for all the kids she is trying to school, clothe and care for. I think investing in education for kids in 3rd world countries is probably a really good thing to do with money.

Or I would give it all to an orphanage I went to in Kenya last summer. They are having trouble feeding their kids right now due to the crisis right now.

So much need really.

Kari said...

I would invest a chunk of it to grow itself to be used later.

Other things I would do would be directly dependant on what and who needed money. Salary cutbacks to pay for something new in the church? Missionaries the church is supporting? Friend or family member struggling with making rent or even planning a wedding?

I, personally, am not one who just gives money to people or a group of people. I give to things that will benefit the people. Money gets used up so quickly and can't be recovered.
Sure, things like food an clothing are immediate needs. But money for them only counts once.
"Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." Or. . .I guess, give him a fishing pole, THEN teach him to fish. . .

Good luck. . .that's a LOT of money.

Mark and Kelly said...

Refugee resettlement. You probably could have guessed I'd say that:)

Rachel O said...

Well since this is hypothetical (because i happen to read horrible awful blogs and know what this is REALLY about ha ha)

Instead of wasting it on something stupid, I would use it to help people who are in despair, or at their lowest point.

People who don't necessarily go to church either. Show the love of Christ to someone who has hit rock bottom... it really touches someone. Use it to buy a single mom a reliable vehicle, or to help set someone up in an apartment...

ann said...

To be clear, I don't have $12,000 to allocate how I wish.

But if I did, I think I'd probably give a lot to Amber in Honduras and also the McBride Center here at OC.

All wonderful ideas, guys. I have such good friends.

Cris said...

I love all the other suggestions, but I will stick to what I intended to write when I clicked to open the comment box: Make a list of all the things you are PASSIONATE about and then find outlets within those passions to use the money.

For example, if missions in Brazil happened to be one of your passions, find a young missionary who is about to start raising her second year of support to continue working in Brazil. Totally hypothetical, of course. :)

Dan Lovejoy said...

Maybe you could equip a praise band at your local congregation. I'm bad - - - I'm so bad.

I like the Honduras idea. Ann, I think you should start praying for that $12,000. Turn that frown upside down! Make lemons into lemonade!

I joke, but I'm serious too. We should raise $12,000 to do some good in the world. The $12k challenge.

OK Chick said...

I like Dan's idea (all of them). The 12K Challenge is a great idea. So many good things could happen with $12K.

Great blog question.

Anonymous said...

I would donate $6,000 to the McBride Center at OC and the other $6,000 to my friends Chris & Jill Shelby for their mission work in Rwanda