Sunday, February 10, 2008

Something to Say

Today was a big day! I was asked by our church's blood drive coordinator to give my testimony to the congregation at both services. I was pretty nervous, but this is something I'm quite passionate about and have wanted to do for a while. The Lord opened the door, so I walked through!

This morning as I was trying to psyche myself up and calm myself down, I listened to "Something to Say" by Matthew West on repeat. The words seemed VERY applicable as I thought about what the Lord has done in my life through the gift of blood donors.
You've got something to say
If you’re livin’, if you’re breathin’
You've got something to say
And you know if your heart is beatin’
You've got something to say
And no one can say it like you do
God is love and love speaks through you
You've got something to say
It went well, and I have to give so many thanks to my fantastic cheerleaders who encouraged me through. Thanks of course also to all those who donate blood! This Valentine's Day truly give a gift from your heart! Not to your loved one, perhaps, but to the greater whole of humanity. :)

Here is the text of my testimony:

About two years ago, I went through a long illness that included in major surgery. A few days after being released from the hospital my parents had to rush me back to the ER. Apparently I was bleeding internally. Due to one of the complications of my illness, my blood wouldn’t clot. I was in very serious condition, having already lost a substantial amount of blood and my body was unable to stop it.

I remember the overwhelming pain and fear of that night, and crying in desperation for God to please help me. And did help me that night, in the form of the 20+ donors whose blood I received. The doctors were able to give me enough whole blood and blood products until my bleeding stabilized. Those donors didn’t know me, nor will they ever, but for whatever reason, they felt compelled to give. And because of their gifts, I’m here today.

I hope that I can put a face on blood recipients for you. I know blood donation is a pretty thankless job, but I want to thank you for the work you’ve already done, and encourage you to keep giving. You never know whose life you may be able to save.


Joe Goodwin said...

Bravo! I heard both of your addresses last Sunday (I'm one of those "two service" junkies) and felt very moved by your words. Your experiences gave turned what could have been another run-of-the-mill "give blood" announcement into a poignant and relevant appeal to the heart. I believe your words and actions had a moving effect that could never be attained with entire stacks of OBI informational flyers.

Thank you for sharing your message and your life with us!

Anonymous said...

I quit counting at 100 units so I will never know for sure but I hope to last long enough to account for 200.
pie pie

~M said...

I found your blog via 22 Words.

I've slowly become more and more of an advocate for donating blood (and platlets). I also volunteer with the Red Cross; so, in general I've been talking it up.

But, it wasn't until this past November that I knew someone who needed a transfusion.

Now, when I donate my platelets, I think of her and her young life.

Thanks for sharing your testimony!