Wednesday, June 16, 2004

100 Things About Ann- Part 2 of 2

51. I can juggle.
52. I’m not afraid of flying, but I really don’t like it.
53. The only jokes I can remember are inappropriate.
54. I like quiet.
55. I have been skiing twice and am very very terrible.
56. I don’t pray like I should.
57. I am not a fan of church camps or home schooling.
58. My name is an indirect object, which I think is very strange.
59. My name is derived from Hannah, a fact that I love.
60. I have a chicken pox scar on the end of my nose.
61. I have a massively overactive conscience, which is probably a good thing and what makes me do “the right thing” most of the time.
62. Knowing that I am inhaling bad fumes (cigarette smoke, pollution, nail polish remover, paint) almost makes me sick.
63. I sleep with earplugs.
64. I have a tendency to do things that I say I’ll never do.
65. I like to write much more than I like to speak, because when I write I can choose my words deliberately and think long and hard about them, whereas when I speak once they’re out, they’re out.
66. Chocolate calms my nerves.
67. I used to have my hair permed when I was in elementary school.
68. Very few people intimidate me.
69. I am hardest on people who display weaknesses that I know I have.
70. My prom dress my senior year cost $20, and it was very pretty.
71. I haven’t “planned” anything about how my wedding will be, except that it will not have a unity candle.
72. I very much believe that it is impossible to separate spiritual, physical, and emotional health.
73. Coke Icees make me very very happy.
74. I don’t like ice cream very much.
75. The last time I was tested I could type 80 wpm with no errors.
76. I don’t read my horoscope because I am afraid that some part of my subconscious will buy into it.
77. Pharmaceutical reps who take up my doctor’s time when I am waiting for my appointment anger me. And it should be also noted that they contribute to the outrageous medicine prices.
78. I think it is silly to trust anyone in politics. Except maybe Jimmy Carter.
79. When people ask me where my hometown is, I don’t know what to say.
80. I think that the “I just want you to be happy/God just wants me to be happy/Well at least I’m happy” mentality is one of the absolute stupidest things ever.
81. My hands are disproportionately small.
82. I can see myself being a very strict parent, which is ironic because my parents were not, and I think I turned out pretty well.
83. I don’t understand people who think that the past doesn’t effect the present.
84. I think I’m probably too serious.
85. I like to have relationships that are independent of each other, which is probably why most of my good friends come from different circles.
86. I still have good relationships with all of my ex-roommates, except one, but she was only my roommate for a few weeks.
87. I am glad that I didn’t join a “social service” club at OC.
88. Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven are gifts from God.
89. Driving in any kind of bad weather terrifies me. I used to be completely unafraid of it.
90. I have translated the books of Jonah and Ruth from Hebrew to English.
91. Chris Rice is my absolute favorite song writer.
92. I love to make lists. I am a very visually oriented person, and making a list of things to do or what to pack or books to read or people to email helps me tremendously.
93. I like to touch people while I talk to them, i.e. having a hand on their shoulder or something.
94. I think I handle conflict very well.
95. When I am hungry, I cry easily.
96. I have given up something for Lent for the past 6 years. It is usually cokes.
97. I floss and use Listerine daily. Perhaps I should add that to my “pre-requisite for a husband” entry.
98. I love sending and receiving correspondence of any kind: cards, letters, emails, IMs, etc.
99. I collect old, black and white pictures.
100. I don’t watch war movies.

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