Sunday, June 27, 2004

Random Things You May or May Not Care About

Hello all. Long time no post, I know. A few random things to blog about tonight.
First of all, I put some of my Brazil pictures online. They're very low quality on the web because I was going for fast upload time, so if for some reason you want to see good copies just talk to me and we'll figure something out.
Second of all, I am tired. I am tired of bickering and prejudice and hate. I don't care whether it's republicans hating democrats or democrats hating republicans or Iraqis hating Americans or church of Christ hating everyone else or any other combination under the sun. I shouldn't be surprised, I know. For as long as there was time there were people hating other people who didn't agree with them. It just makes me tired. I think it made Jesus tired, too. But He kept on loving. He also brought down woes on people who thought they were hot stuff (which is definitely one of my favorite Jesus moments), but He kept on loving. But you'll notice that Jesus mostly loved on the "unlovable" who were oppressed. It's not the healthy who need a doctor, right? Hmm... too much to think about.
Thirdly, I am having a garage sale this week. That is, if the clouds will ever part. It has rained here everyday for at least the last week, and I'm not talking about any baby rain. Big time buckets of rain. Too much rain will drive a person crazy, I think.
Fourthly, well, I don't really have a fourthly, I don't think.

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