Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hi from Sao Joao!

Hi Friends!
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say hi and let you know that we arrived in our last town-- São João da Boa Vista. It is a beautiful small Brazilian town up in the hill country. BTW- a small Brazilian town is still 80,000 people. Anyway, we have spent a lot of our time handing out flyers and advertising for theology courses they are having here. If you´ve been to Brazil, you might have noticed those crazy people who stand in the middle of busy intersections handing out flyers to passing traffic. Yeah, I was definitely one of those people. However, miraculously, we all survived and I think we had a lot of interest in the classes. The church here is so different from anywhere else I´ve been. There is no missionary/American presence here; it is completely Brazilian. Their last campaign was in 1998. I am staying with the local evangelist, Jose Domingos, and his wife Alessandra and their four year old son Lucas. They are adorable and I love them sooooo much. Today we had lunch with a man named Claudio and his family. He is a 7th day adventist, but a strong seeker and very wise man. Pray for God to guide him to wherever he should be. Okay, I need to go, but I´ll be home very soon. We leave here Monday morning, spend the afternoon at the São Paulo airport, then fly out at 10:00pm. I´ll arrive at DFW airport at 10:00 am on Monday.
Love you guys and miss you dearly, but I´ll miss this place, too.
Beijos e abraços-

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