Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ann Sensei!

I am officially a teacher! :) Today I taught four classes of over 30 students each. In a word-- whew! I can forsee myself getting tired of myself quickly. In each of the classes the students were required to introduce themselves back to me, which includes a complicated Japanese name along with 3 or 4 sentences of relative information abou them. The somewhat frightening thing is that I think these students think I really will remember all of this! :) Ha, one funny thing was at lunch. Everyday for lunch, some of the students from the class I will eat with (different every day) come down and bring me back to their class. Today I was forgotten! :) One of the teachers in the office realized what had happened and fixed the problem. The poor teacher who forgot me was so apologetic... I just thought it was funny!
Tonight the Hitachi gaijin group had a birthday party for a sweet and fun girl named Norma. It was cool to just relax with people who understand exactly what each other is going through. I am so blessed to have walked into a ready made support group.
Latley I have been reading my Bible more, which is good. I have always been fascinated by the Sermon on the Mount, and lately it has held my attention even more. I try to imagine my reaction if I had been one of those original people who heard it in the crowd that day. Would I have laughed with joy or cried with sorrow? It changed everything-- talk about a paradigm shift. I envision myself being a good little Jewish girl who was brought up knowing and fearing the power and laws of God, then suddenly this man from Nazareth appears, claiming to be God's Son yet changing all of the laws I know by heart. I don't know how I would have reacted. Maybe that's why God placed me in the 21st century rather than the 1st.

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