Monday, September 27, 2004

Little Japanese People! :)

This morning Ian and I went to a kindergarten in Taga to do a little class with them. I cannot express how absolutely adorable 50 little 5 year old Japanese kids are, especially when they are trying to speak English. I say trying, but really some of them spoke about as much English as some of my junior highers. :) They all came up and introduced themselves, and many of them even said, "Nice to meet you!" My heart just wanted to explode it was so cute. We sang "head and shoulders, knees, and toes" and played a bean bag toss game. It was a blast and a half, but I don't think I have the energy to do that every single day. That trip did my heart a lot of good.
Jared and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands, including going to the post office and getting me a cell phone! Yep, the girl who can't stand cell phones so much has gone and gotten another one. The phones here put the phones in the states to shame. My phone is pretty standard, and still has a pretty nice digital camera and email capabilities and such. So yes, I am a sell out and I have a cell phone. Cute pun... and I wasn't even trying. ;)

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