Thursday, September 23, 2004

Celebrating the holidays at Costco

Yay for the autumnal equinox that gave me another day off today! :) These three day weeks are definitely going to spoil me... how can I go back to a full load next week? ;) I think I used my holiday wisely. I went to Mito after work yesterday to go to church (which was awesome as always) and watched a movie with some friends, then spent the night. It was so good to be able to just hang out without having to worry about when my train was leaving. Today a big group of us... 14 I think... went to a town a couple of hours away called Chiba. And guess what is in Chiba... Costco! :) For those of you who don't know Costco, it is much like Sam's Club. So we all went to stock up on stuff that you just can't normally find in Japan. I got some soft pillows without beans (maybe some of you understand that), flannel sheets, macaroni and cheese, barbque sauce, and Extra spearmint chewing gum. There was other stuff too, but that's what I remember off the top of my head. It was so fun roaming about the store with Peter and Denver and David C. Then we all went off to another mall and then to Outback for appetizers. On the way home David, Peter, and I had many good... interesting... conversations. ;) Let's just say they took advantage a female mind to pick. A long day... a tiring day... but a good day. I'm very glad I went and got to know those guys better. Now I should get to sleep to prepare for (yuck) work tomorrow. I like my job, I just want a day to sleep in. I don't even have a relaxing weekend to look forward to, because our big office weekend vacation begins at 7:45am Saturday. But I shall tell you more about that after it happens. ;) Just keep me in your prayers, because I have a feeling the event could get wild.
Sometimes it feels like my blog is mostly just an event by event journal. It is kind of meant to be, but I also want to write more about my feelings and deeper experiences, too. So keep a look out for that coming soon.

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Gabe said...

Yea I'm a Hughes fan, maybe even a Hughes disciple. I haven't read his most recent work, but have read his seminal church history -- Reviving the Anchient Faith, and his Church of Christ centered follow up -- Reclaiming the Heritage. I'll eventually get around to Myths, have you read it? Josh has, he said it was more of history than a theology.

Oh, I'm jealous that you get to see Peter and have your brained picked by him. Tell him hi, tell him he needs a new email, tell him he needs a blog, and tell him that I got asked out yesterday by the girl who works at the counter at the rec center where I work every day in The Colony. I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to go out with her or not yet, actually her friend came running after me after I left building to walk home and asked if I was interested. Life is always interesting.