Sunday, September 19, 2004

Engrish and Old Folks Day

What a whirlwind couple of days, kind of. Confusing is more like it. I am clearly not in Nikko right now, nor have I been nor am I going today. Let's just surmise it to say there was a change in plans. Saturday I slept in (halleluliah), went to lunch and then shopping with Jared, then went shopping again with Judith. I now know what size I wear in Japanese clothing, although I have yet to actually buy any. Japanese fashion sense is well... different. :) But I am keeping my eye out for a shirt (or anything really) with great Engrish (the Japanese mutilation of the English language... also called Japlish) on it. Sometimes Engrish is whimsical, sometimes it's crude, sometimes it's just funny. For example, I bought some stationary the other day with the phrase all over it, "May I ask you to feel my love? Dear you... a round ticket of love. I'll convey love straight, a dream forever." See, that's kind of whimsical. I'll keep you updated on any other Engrish I find.
Saturday night I got to call my parents (yay!!! and thank you Judith!), then Judith and I went out for my first time to karaoke. It was so much fun! I can see how it becomes addictive to people! :) I tried to find and prepare a song to perform this weekend at our staff retreat. We will be karaoking (spelling?) as well as some other things, but I'll tell you more about that as it approaches. I think I have chosen "I Will Survive" as my debut number, although Judith things perhaps I should do "The Boot Scoot Boogie" since I can do the dance along with that. I'm sure there will be many more opportunities to karaoke in my future here.
Sunday I went back to church at Taga, which was great fun again. I got to meet more people, then Roxanna took me home and made lunch, which was fabulous. We watched a movie, then I came home and took a cat nap to prepare for the festivities last night.
Last night we had a beach party! It was pretty much all thanks to Roxanna, who got everyone together, got the stuff for it, and acted as hostess all night. It was a good night of just talking, fireworks, music and food on the beach of the Pacific ocean. I got home at about 3am. Thank goodness today was a holiday. Yes, today is "Respect for the Aged" day here in Japan, so I get the day off. I raise my class to all of the aged who gave me the opportunity to sleep until 10:30am.

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