Monday, September 18, 2006

10 Years

10 years ago today I was baptized at Graham St. Church of Christ in Stephenville, Texas by my father. I grew up in the church, I was hyper-involved, and I always knew one day I´d be baptized. As I sat in my Wednesday night Bible class I decided it would be that day. I´m not sure why. See You at the Pole was that day, and maybe that had something to do with it, I´m not sure.

In our youth group Bible class here, we have been having an ongoing discussion on when salvation occurs. Goodness knows this has been talked about for pretty much forever, and I´m pretty sure no one knows the answer, but it´s an interesting conversation.

Here´s my opinion. Our salvation comes through God´s unfailing, unflinching, unconditional love for us. That is a relationship. The Bible compares our relationship with God to that of a husband and wife or father and child. Relationships don´t just happen at one moment. With a marriage, you could say that the relationship started when they first met, their first date, first kiss, marriage ceremony, and I´m not married, but I would think that there are couples who are together 10, 20, 50 years and still feel like everyday is a new beginning because they learn more and share more.

Or a parent and child. When does that relationship start? When the child is born? At conception? Or when two people decide to commit to starting a family together?

Baptism is important. I believe it is a holy and sacred event, the depths of which we can´t understand this side of heaven. But I will say that although incredibly important, my baptism didn´t mark the beginning or the culmination of my Christian walk.

So today I look back and thank God for where I´ve been, where I am, and where I´m going. And I thank all of you for walking down this road with me.


crittermer said...

Awesome testimony and wise words, Ann.=) I know it's providential that your path crossed mine along our spiritual journeys. I'm so thankful for the encouragement and friendship I've found in you these last six years!

JAPierce said...

That is a really great way of looking at it. Congratulations on 10 years.

Gabe said...

Great post Ann. Not that you reduced salvation to an individual thing, but what do you think of the notion that Jesus is the savior and redeemer of all of human history and the entire cosmos and not just our personal savior (though he is that too).