Monday, September 04, 2006

I went to Curitiba!

Hello loyal followers!

I think the subject sums it up. :) Last Thursday through Sunday I went to Curitiba (pronounced kur-a-chee-bah), a city father south in Brazil, for a church conference. It was really fun and I am so thankful I got to go. Like for my Brasília trip, I will break this trip down into parts. Just 2 parts this time, though. :) One for our sightseeing and one for the church stuff.

All Brazilians say Curitiba is a city very different from the rest of Brazil, and very representative of the southern part of the country. The south has been very heavily influenced by European settlers from Italy, Germany, and Portugal while the north has more African and indigienous influence. I guess we in the middle are somewhere inbetween. :)

Our sightseeing day was Friday, and as my luck would have it, it rained nearly all day. Much like my trip to Rio 4 years ago. But the rains did stop and we did get to sightsee 2 beautiful locations, the Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens) and the opera house, Casa de Arema. Here are some photos. Yes they´re mostly of me. I am vain. :)

The first three are from the Botanical Gardens and the last two are from the Opera House.

While it rained we went to a mall. A very chic mall! They offered all kinds of services in the bathroom, including free dental floss!!! If you know my love of dental hygiene, you know how happy this made me!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Josh said...

I really should just close this window and not type this comment, but I must:

From what you've told me of the local female attire, are you sure that machine was not a women's undergarment/bathing suit dispenser?

ann said...

Josh makes a very good point... in fact the phrase "fio dental"-- dental floss, is the same phrase used for thong bikinis. :)

Josh said...

I thought you were just playing along with my previous comment, but I looked up the phrase, and you're not kidding!! That is hilarious!