Thursday, September 07, 2006

Curitiba-- Congresso 3 em 1

Part II of Curitiba!

The purpose of this trip was to go to the church conference, Congresso 3 em 1. It was really, really wonderful. I got to see a lot of people I didn´t expect to see, because a lot of the leaders of the church in the southern half of Brazil were there.

The theme was basically about the Shepherd and His Flock. I was so tickled because my Portuguese is to a point where I could easily follow the classes and lectures (although I did have to learn quickly some sheep vocabulary). It was so gratifying to not only be able to understand the classes, but to also really take spiritual nourishment from them.

This is the praise team from the Igreja de Vitoria in Rio de Janeiro. They´re praise ministry has done so much and I am sure will continue to do so much for the Churches of Christ in Brazil. They lead the praise all weekend.

I took a whole lot of pictures, which can be viewed in my webshots album, but here are a few.

This is Antenor Gonçalves speaking on the subject "I am the door" from John 10. Really excellent lesson.

This is Allen Dutton Jr. speaking on the importance of being aware of the lost sheep of our flock.

This is our beautiful group! We were really a combination of the churches in Itu and Salto. Salto is a new church plant in the city right next to Itu (really, only about 10 minutes away). We had 5 families from Salto go! That really touches me because it shows such powerful dedication and leadership of the families working there.

This is a video of the entire audience singing this beautiful Brazilian hymn. I am so frustrated because I don´t know the name! But I will find it and tell you. The message is about the family of Christ standing firm together as we look to Jesus to lead us, and being able to withstand attacks from Satan through our unity. It was a really powerful moment for me to hear a group of 200+ Brazilians singing this.

I was so blessed through this opportunity. And I ask you to continue to pray for your brothers and sisters in Brazil as they work for the kingdom with you, wherever you might be.


Anonymous said...

ooh, girl, that song gave me chills! It reminds me again of how we as Christians are family all over the world! I praise God that you got to understand the lessons, too. Beijinhos!

Cherry Renae

YukikoandBrian said...

I am so happy that you got to go to this event and that you posted about it, here. That sure is a really moving song. It is great to know that Christians from all backgrounds and kinds have unity through Christ in his body around the world.

Praise be to God