Sunday, September 17, 2006

Say no to speedo

I´ve been planning a trip to the beach with my friends in a couple of months, and today the thought struck me that some of the men might wear speedos. I can´t tell you how disturbing this is to me. I really think I´ll never recover if I see my male friends in speedos. Not that they´re ugly by any means, if you´ve noticed in my pictures on here Brazilians are exceptionally beautiful. But a speedo? Dude, please. I know this is a cultural issue that I have to get over... but it will take an act of God, I´m pretty sure. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... even exposure to speedos.

For those Simpsons fans out there, I would like to recall the episode where the Simpsons go to Brazil and Homer wears a speedo. He actually wears like, 4. Great moment. :)


JAPierce said...

oooo we had the problem in Italy too! Two weekends after we arrived, we went with the church to the beach...lets just it was difficult for this cofC girl raised in a "boys and girls can't swim together, bikinis not allowed, t-shirts preferable" world to see some of the swim attire chosen for this church outing! Talk about culture shock!

So, did you go to the beach?

Anonymous said...

sorry, i'm a little behind, i'm catching up on my blog reading today and HAD to comment on this one. for our last hurrah before we left natal this summer our team plus all our friends from the church went out to one of our friends' beach houses. we arrived late, and when we drove up we saw our dear friend who had lived at the church building with us and was like a brother to us (and also about 6'4..use your imagination) in a speedo. i never thought it would affect me this way, after all we had gone to the beach every weekend and seen plenty of speedos, but i couldn't once make eye contact with my friend until he put some shorts on. :) good luck.