Monday, July 02, 2007

101 in 1001

In an effort to try to focus myself and set some short and long term goals, I have decided to undertake the 101 in 1001 challenge-- setting 101 goals to meet in 1001 days. The first hurdle is to think of 101 goals. I have 89 so far. You guys need to help me think of some more! I plan on posting my progress on the blog as I accomplish them. Honestly, I'm thinking of this as more of a lifetime list rather than just 1001 days. But I will try to accomplish as many as possible. And also consider this an open invitation to my friends to partake in these events with me! :)

101 in 1001
July 2, 2007-March 29, 2010

  1. Take dance lessons
  2. Run a 5K (marathon relay in April '08)
  3. See a professional baseball game (8/16/07-- Redhawks vs. Redbirds)
  4. See a high school football game
  5. See a professional basketball game
  6. Sky dive
  7. Sing in public
  8. Go to a major concert or Broadway show
  9. Learn to juggle 4 balls
  10. Buy a piece of art from a local artist (bought art from both of our interns)
  11. Read something by Jane Austen
  12. Print and bind my blog entries from Japan
  13. Stop drinking cokes
  14. Receive a massage from a professional
  15. Cultivate a flower bed I can be proud of
  16. Reach/maintain ideal weight/BMI (I've lost 25 lbs as of 5/17/08)
  17. Go back to Brazil
  18. Reach conversational fluency in Spanish
  19. Begin studying a new language (German, Latin?)
  20. See the Grand Canyon
  21. Go one month with no fast food
  22. Get to know a neighbor
  23. Write a poem
  24. Scan and document old family photos
  25. Go to the zoo
  26. Go camping and sleep in a tent
  27. Take piano lessons
  28. Tutor someone who can benefit from my experience
  29. Buy a new car (5/12/08)
  30. Visit at least one friend I haven’t seen since I was in Japan (Ian came to OKC, 8/13/07)
  31. Visit Amber in Honduras
  32. Wake up 30 minutes early for prayer every day for a month
  33. Save at least 5% of every paycheck
  34. Volunteer to help with a ministry at church that is outside my comfort zone (Volunteered for once a month two year old worship duty at church)
  35. Submit to (My secret was actually posted in fall of 2007)
  36. Tell a trusted friend the secret I send to Postsecret
  37. Collect recipes from family members
  38. Go ice skating
  39. Make my blog more aesthetically pleasing
  40. Organize reunion with college girlfriends (October 2007)
  41. Have a great New Year’s Eve (2007)
  42. Frame and display photographs I’ve taken that I like
  43. Buy the all seasons of The Office on DVD
  44. Re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit
  45. Watch a sunrise
  46. Watch all AFI Top 100 movies
  47. Memorize “The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruffrock”
  48. Not shop at Wal-Mart for one month
  49. Reconnect with a high school friend I lost touch with (Leighann, Marky)
  50. Go to a rodeo
  51. Perfect my brownie recipe
  52. Vote in 2008 election
  53. Play bingo in a real parlor
  54. Perfect the art of applying eyeliner (maybe not perfect, but much better than I used to be)
  55. Pick fruit from a tree or bush and eat it (7/31/07-- ate blackberries off the Wynn's bush)
  56. Compile a comprehensive friend birthday/anniversary/baby’s birthday calendar
  57. Read Brother Kazmarov
  58. Blog every day for a month
  59. Become a calmer driver :)
  60. Shop at a farmer’s market
  61. Wash my dishes every day (not let them accumulate) for a month
  62. Go on a great date (not really all up to me, but hey, it’s a list of goals, right?) :)
  63. Participate in 26 things photography challenge
  64. Use lotion daily
  65. Wear sunscreen on my arms and hands daily
  66. Volunteer for blood donation organization (gave blood numerous times, now the Blood Drive Coordinator at church)
  67. Invite someone over to my house weekly
  68. Learn how to play chess
  69. Make a pie from scratch
  70. Learn the names of local wildflowers and trees
  71. Take a scenic drive
  72. Become CPR certified
  73. Grow my own tomato plant
  74. Eliminate (or nearly) simple carbohydrates and sugars from diet
  75. Learn how to file my nails well
  76. Train myself to make my numbers more legible
  77. Throw myself a great birthday party
  78. Create a piece of visual art
  79. Read John Steinbeck’s entire body of work
  80. Contribute to a Wikipedia article
  81. Learn to recognize 3 constellations
  82. Take a class in some technical field I want to know more about (accounting, web design, medical terminology)
  83. Become certified to teach Spanish
  84. Find a salad dressing I like (honey mustard)
  85. Visit my World Vision sponsored child
  86. Teach my cat a trick
  87. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper
  88. Visit 5 new states
  89. Go to a farmer’s market
  90. Have professional photos taken of myself
  91. Watch the Boston Pop's 4th of July celebration
  92. Go to a Blakewell movie premiere event (7/11/07-- Harry Potter 5)
Italics indicates in progress
Bold indicates completed

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Holly said...

Okay, so about a week okay I was here on your blog and I totally stole your idea. So you should check it out and I can't wait to hear how your projects are going...