Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2

July 2nd is a pretty significant date for me. In 2003, July 2nd is the day I left the hospital after a surgery and five week stay. In 2005, I left Japan and came back to America on July 2nd. Both were very bittersweet. In 2003 I was just beginning the recovery process and still had a long way to go. When I left Japan my heart was broken, but I was so happy to be going home to my family. As you can see, they seem to fall every other year, so I was a little nervous as July 2, 2007 approached. :) But, thank God, this year all is well. It's good to have these little milestones to remember how far God's brought me.

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Mark and Kelly said...

Happy July 2. Hope it passes uneventfully this year!