Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Things I Like about the US

In honor of Independence Day, here are some things I like about the US.

  • Freedom of speech and the freedom to disagree
  • Plyler vs. Doe and Brown vs. Board of Education
  • Big drinks with lots of ice and free refills
  • My passport that allows me into just about any country I could want to go
  • Separation of church and state
  • Rooting for the underdog
  • Icees (I haven't seen them in any other country, so I assume they're uniquely American)
  • We know how to throw an Independence Day celebration

Happy 4th everybody!


Shyla said...

Great list! However, you should know that Winnipeg, Canada is the icee capital of the world. Canadians are crazy about icees. Ironic since 3/4 of their year is winter.

Pamela said...

Yes Canadians love what you refer to as icees but here we call them slurpees or slushees or slushes. My name of choice is slurpee.