Sunday, May 16, 2004

In Memoriam

Well, I didn't go to OKC today. Long story short-- my plans changed, and I am leaving tomorrow morning.

However, this blog isn't about me. This is to honor the life and career of a hardworking member of the NYPD, Detective Lennie Briscoe. Briscoe has been a staple of one of my favorite TV shows, Law and Order, for 12 years now. His sharp, dry one-liners and keen fashion sense have inspired us all over the years and will continue to inspire new generations of L&O fans who will discover the show in re-runs on TNT.
It breaks my heart that I will miss his last episode, which airs Wednesday night on NBC. However, rather than viewing this as the ending of an era, I see it instead as Lennie and I moving on in new directions: me to Japan, where the only channels I get on TV will probably be filled with freaky game shows, and him to yet another L&O spinoff.

A moment of silence for Lennie Briscoe.
:::taps plays softly in the background:::

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