Friday, May 28, 2004

Update Again

I know this is kind of a quick update, but after today the email usage is going to be very iffy I´m afraid. The last two days have been very cold and rainy, so that cancelled some of our plans. We did go to English schools two nights, which was tons of fun. They loved us and a lot of people said they would be coming to the lectures Bob is holding at the Igreja de Cristo Guanabara this weekend. Bob is speaking on a Biblical response New Age Spirituality in Brazil, especially faith healing and things of that sort. I wish I could understand what he´s saying so I could learn some things. We have also spent a lot of time putting together Sunday school materials for the church. So many things we take for granted in the States, and children´s books and things of that sort is one of them. Yesterday the four OCers spent the day with one of our friends and former LST readers, Jane. She owns a country house about an hour outside of Campinas that is beautiful. We saw all kinds of fruit trees and got to pick them and eat them! And it was a wonderful opportunity to rekindle friendships that we build two years ago. She is also coming to Bob´s talk this weekend. On Tuesday we are leaving Campinas to go to Itú, a smaller city about an hour from here. That is where Allen Sr. and Maria Dutton lived, if that means anything to anyone. The church there is very excited and has lots of things already planned for us to do. Then the next week we are going to São João da Boa Vista. I have no idea what to expect there. That is the week we will break off from the Harding group. It´s amazing how well our two groups have blended. I´ll miss them all once we separate, but after yesterday´s only OC excursion, I know our team is going to get along great.
A couple of prayer requests: the entire Graves family (one of the missionary families) has been very sick, so please pray that their health will return. It has turned unseasonally cold here, so there are many families who do not have the blankets or clothing to stay warm, and we need to pray for them. Pray for Bob´s seminar this weekend, and pray for our group to work in a way that we will best glorify our Father.
I love you all dearly-

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