Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another day in Nippon

Last night was nice. One of my biggest packing regrets is that I did not pack any enjoyment reading-- just stuff about Japan and Japanese. Needless to say, I am tired of that already. :) Lest you think I'm lazy, just remember that I spent all my office hours staring at hiragana and hearing Japanese being spoken around me. So I went down to Jared's and he was kind enough to let me borrow some of his DVDs, and I watched Seabiscuit last night. I'd never seen it before. There was just something unappealing to me about watching a movie about a horse. But it was in ENGLISH, and it was good. I will probably watch Spiderman tonight. Can't have too much Tobey Maguire, I think... jk. :) After my movie I tried to call a pal of mine in Mito but couldn't get through, so I prayed for God to send someone for me to talk to. And lo and behold, here came Roxanna! She dropped by to check on me, and then we went out for a little bit. We walked through Kamine park, which seems to be a really neat place. We stayed up there and talked for a while, which did my spirit good. Then I came home and went to bed. This getting up and going to work thing makes me stay on a regular sleep schedule. :)
Today at work I was introduced to everyone in the office-- about 10 people individually and about 30 people as a group. They were all so kind and welcoming. My office is a little intimiating... everyone is so busy and absorbed in what they're doing all the time... but it's a cozy place, too. The four ALTs spend every Monday up there, just trying to look busy. Once I have classes it'll be time to prepare for them if there's anything to be done. I'm told Ian and Jared use the time to study Japanese. Today I was blessed to be able to use the internet up there... yay! Too bad I didn't have all these little blogs, or I'd have posted them. I love love love getting email. It warms my heart and makes my day. I guess it'd be nice to get snail mail, too. I hadn't thought about that, really. But it'd be cool.

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Anonymous said...

child of mine, consider posting a snail mail address.
You did not pack 'Sho Gun'?
super PIA