Monday, March 07, 2005

Appeal denied

Today my boss rejected the appeal from my English teachers and principals and has firmly stated that I am moving away from Namekawa junior high school. Today I didn't cry, although there will probably be tears tonight and over the next few days as I say goodbye to my kids. Just for the basic info to straighten out any confusion, I am not moving out of my city or anything. I am just going to a new school. It's name is Hidaka. It is the school at which my friend Jared used to teach. I'm sure it's a great school. Jared loved it. Like I told my boss today, I'm not sad about going to Hidaka, it's leaving Namekawa that I hate.
I think God gave me the past two amazing days so I would not fall apart now. I wrote a big blog bemoaning the Japanese work culture and school system, but ultimately decided that would not be most edifying to post right now. I'll be okay, I just need a while to be sad and angry. Please pray for me.


Peter Rice said...

I'm sorry to hear you have to move, Ann. I know you really, really wanted to stay. But you've been well-led thusfar in the adventure... who knows what God may have up His sleeve for you this time. I have already prayed for you, but I'll pray again too. God bless!

Judith said...

I'm so sorry Ann. I'm praying for peace and strength for you. God will bless you at this new school.

Judith said...
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