Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Stress, thy name is ashita*

Lately I've been feeling some stress. Yesterday I started announcing to my classes that this was my last week at Namekawa, and it's positively ripped my heart out. Tomorrow's my last day of classes. This is difficult enough in and of itself, but my allergies are acting terribly (which means I really look like I'm crying all the time), and I'm trying to get ready to go to Singapore on Friday... like, in 36 hours. And last night I went to bed with my watch on but woke up with it gone, and I can't find it. Ugh. So I'm stressed.
If I don't update tomorrow, then I will try to give a shout out from Singapore (adding another notch in my proverbial "countries I've blogged from" belt). Take care... love y'all.

*ashita means tomorrow

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