Saturday, August 28, 2004

Flying over Japan

Well here I am, flying somewhere above Japan. It's 8:37pm in Texas but 10:37am in Japan, so I don't know what time it is. I think my plan for avoiding jet lag is working, because I don't feel too far off schedule, just mostly confused. My flight from Texarkana to DFW was filled with thoughts of "Am I crazy for doing this? What was I thinking? I can't teach anyone English...why am I moving to Japan? What kind of crazy person does this?" However, thankfully, I went to sleep before I could drive myself too thoroughly crazy.
Once at DFW my thoughts turned to, "I really really really really wish I had someone to fly with." Some of you know that if I had left a month ago like I was supposed to, I would have flown with two of my friends from school. Oh well, twasn't meant to be, I guess. But everything's fine. I'm on one of the two seater aisles, all to myself, and so I got to strech out a little and sleep. I went straight to sleep. I did wake up for lunch, which had a sushi appetizer that I wasn't going to try. How fresh can airplane sushi really be? But there was excellent chocolate cake. Yum.
I've slept the vast majority of my time onboard so far, which is very good. I am getting sick, though, which worries me. I think my sister gave me her sinus infection right before I left. There are three crying babies on my plane, but they're not bothering me too much. I easily slept through them.
My flight is mostly Japanese people. I'd say it's about 75-25 Japanese to Westerner. I should probably wrap this up, since I really don't have too much to say. In conclusion, if you are flying to Japan, I suggest you fly American Airlines because they have seriously much more room than any other airline I've flown to Brazil. I wonder if they'll give me some advantage miles for that plug. :)

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