Sunday, August 01, 2004

A Successful Hunt

In olden days, men proved their masculinity through killing wild beasts to feed the family. Today in a similar ritual, women prove their skill through finding cute things for low prices. Today I had one of my most successful "hunts" ever.
First, I found the purse. Some of you know that I have a major thing for cute purses. I had spied this purse at the JC Penney at Quail Springs Mall in Edmond, Oklahoma several months ago. I fell in love with it then, but wanted to hold out to see if I could find a better sale. Here in Texarkana they had the black and fuscia versions of it, but I really liked the green and was holding out for it. Then today, low and behold, they had a green one in stock. The only one in the store and it's mine all mine now.
Originally: $20.oo. Ann's Price: $9.51. Woo hoo!
Then the necklace. for my junior prom I bought a beautiful black beaded necklace that I adored and wore many times after that. However, sadly, last year it broke and fell all to pieces. Since then I have been looking for a replacement. Then today I found it sitting there waiting for me.
Originally: $12.50. Ann's Price: $6.37.
I am very happy to have found these wonderful items I have searched so long for and very proud that I got them at such a bargain! Thank you JC Penneys! (I told you I'd miss their sales!) Posted by Hello

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You are too funny. I will link you as soon as I get time.