Friday, August 27, 2004

Scissors a la Dameon

Tonight I did one of the most bizarrely stupid things I've ever done. I had picked up a pair of scissors at the store because I don't have any, and I figure I might need scissors in Japan (rational line of thought, right?). They were really cheap, so I wasn't expecting them to be of very high quality. Imagine my surprise when I took them out of the package and cut at the air with them and found that they were very nice scissors. I cut at the air and said, "Hey! These are sharp!" At approximately that moment I felt a sting and realized that I had cut my thumb! I chopped off the very tip of my thumb!!!!!! Thankfully it was mostly nail and only the top couple of layers of skin. No permanent damage! :) What kind of person cuts their own thumb with scissors?! I don't know, but my sister, who was sitting in the room with me, was freaking out because she saw it happen but didn't see how much damage I had done, and I was holding my thumb and screaming over and over because I was afraid I'd taken off like, half an inch. Good times in the White house. :)
Then not five minutes later I was actually cutting something with the aforementioned scissors, and the handles pinched my finger on the other hand and gave me a blood blister. At that point I put the scissors away. They are not going to Japan with me.
If any of my Bible major friends would like to exorcise this demon, please contact my family.

ps- I had to ask my mom how to spell "scissors." English is so messed up. :)

A re-enactment. Do not try this at home. :)
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Anonymous said...

That story rocked! Who does that?! Don't worry, I will send you those little kiddie scissors we used back in kindergarten. Is that allowed? Sending sharp deadly objects overseas?