Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What is this thing called a sojochick?

I realize that my screen name is probably not self-explanatory, and I've heard some erroneous assumptions about it's origins in the past, so I thought maybe I should take the time to explain where I got my handle.
First is "sojo". Sojo is not a Spanish word, as one of my friends once pronounced it "soho," which I thought was a funny and logical assumption. Nope, instead sojo is short for sojourner. A sojourner is a traveler or temporary resident. I figure that was a good self-description on both superficial and deep levels. I like to travel, and so far in my life I've just been a temporary resident wherever I am, and ultimately we're all just temporary residents of this world.
Then "chick." I just like the word chick. I think it's cute. But I don't suggest anyone out there calls me a chick. I like it more as a self-description than a nickname or term of endearment.
So there ya go. I'm just a little sojochick, trying to make my way through this world. :)
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friend said...

Bock. (That was my chicken noise)